We are passionate about placemaking and about leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

We work in partnership with landowners who want the best for their local community and consider themselves having a duty of care to ensure a good quality of life for future generations.

Many successful developments in the UK are the result of a partnership between a developer and a landowner rejecting typical development models to ensure their legacy is one of high-quality, popular places, and good stewardship. The Duchy of Cornwall at Poundbury is the most high-profile example.

Leaper work together with the landowner to secure planning permission and can manage the design and installation of site infrastructure, including common landscaping, roads, and utilities to each plot.

We can also connect buyers with builders, suppliers, and local lenders who will help build a home customised to their needs. We even offer pre-designed and approved homes with a range of customisable elements.

We’ve created tried and tested frameworks which allow the creativity of homebuyers to flourish whilst maintaining a sense of coherence and harmony within our developments and with the surrounding area.

One framework we use is Enquiry by Design. Enquiry by Design—as championed by The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment—is a powerful tool for involving communities, and all interested stakeholders, in the decision making, design, and masterplanning processes. We believe this is key to creating a development that leaves a lasting legacy.