Leaper specialise in delivering Custom and Self‑Build homes in rural areas of the UK.

We believe in responsible development and working with landowners and existing communities to create great places to live whilst enabling homebuyers to create a home that exactly meets their needs.

Custom and Self-Build

We specialise in Custom and Self-Build developments as we believe they result in higher quality and more sustainable homes. The process represents better value for money for the homeowner—empowering them to create a home which perfectly suits their needs—and offers the potential for landowners to generate greater returns. Our design codes allow the creativity of homebuyers to flourish whilst maintaining a sense of coherence and harmony within our developments and with the surrounding area.

Creating great homes and places

Above all, we aim to create high-quality, affordable, and sustainable homes. We do this by providing choice and diversity in the homes we offer; enabling people to design beautiful, efficient houses which meet their needs; and by creating safe, people-friendly streets and open spaces. We believe that good development is achieved with a responsible, design-led approach and through effective stakeholder engagement.

A legacy approach

We work with landowners who consider themselves to have a social, economic, and moral responsibility to create places of which they and the local community can be proud. Our role does not end once planning permission has been granted, we take on an enabling role—installing landscaping, utilities, and streets—and ensure the long term stewardship of a place. We think this approach to development demonstrates an integrity and commitment from all parties to create great places which mature over time and are managed accordingly.

An expert team

We work with award-winning designers, leading Custom and Self-Build experts, and planners who specialise in rural development and development in sensitive areas. We have experience of working with numerous local authorities throughout the UK.

Do you have land
— from one to ten acres —
you would like us to consider?

Partnering with Leaper is a chance to develop your land responsibly and efficiently. We promote your land through the planning system at our own risk and cost. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to understand their aims and objectives so that we can achieve the right outcome for them.