Typically, because Custom and Self-Builders are not building homes as speculative financial assets to sell or rent, but as places to live themselves, logically they build the best, most sustainable, most healthy, most future-proofed homes they can.

Leaper is setting a high benchmark by embedding a ‘fabric first’ approach, ensuring a low energy and sustainable development, within the Design Code. The energy hierarchy of Be Lean, Be Clean, and Be Green is used to inform the design.

This of course means, our design code allows for building-integrated photovoltaic tiles. Additionally, we’ve set rules ensuring a minimum thermal performance and air tightness of materials. Materials are selected for their durability as well as having lower embodied environmental impact. The design includes use of efficient mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems and prohibits the use of gas boilers. Buildings are also designed to mitigate the risk of summer overheating and respond to anticipated future climatic conditions with scope for additional shading and increased ventilation.