The beauty of Custom and Self-Build homes is that new homes are demand-led, where homeowners get directly involved in setting their own priorities for the look and type of home being built.

The majority of self-builders tend to be older people building for their retirement (74% of self-builders are aged 45 to 65+: Wallace, A, Ford and Quillgars D, 2013; Understanding the Changing Landscape of the UK Self Build Market; University of York and Lloyds Banking Group). This is probably because they see the benefit of being able to create a home that’s bespoke to their particular needs from the outset rather than having to retrofit an unsuitable one.

Whilst we have not specifically included bungalows in the development, the nature of Self-Build means that plot buyers may apply for their own planning permission should they wish as long as they stick to the rules set out in the Design Code.

We’ve created a Custom and Self-Build factsheet, which you can download here, to explain more about the process and the advantages of this route. There is also a bit more information on our website.