The beauty of Custom and Self-Build homes is that new homes are demand-led, where homeowners get directly involved in setting their own priorities for the look and type of home being built.

Investing in a Custom or Self-Build home is also an investment in the local community. Research has shown that when people invest the time and energy to design and build their own homes, they become much more invested in the area and are more likely to live in their home for longer than people that buy from a developer.

In addition, the investment of building a dream home means new residents develop stronger ties to the local area and participate more often in local life, becoming active members of the local community, using and contributing to local services.

And finally, these close ties to the local area help provide further benefits during the build period itself, as the smaller scale lends itself well to using local tradespeople and suppliers, boosting the local economy.

We’ve created a Custom and Self-Build factsheet, which you can download here, to explain more about the process and the advantages of this route. There is also a bit more information on our website.