We know the site has some areas of surface water flooding. The site is ‘greenfield’ and does not currently have any existing foul drainage or surface water drainage infrastructure.

We appointed civil and structural engineering practice Price & Myers to undertake a detailed flood risk and drainage assessment and prepare an initial drainage design and maintenance strategy. The proposed design will improve drainage and protect against flooding even in rare 1-in-100-year events. We’ve also applied a ‘climate change factor’ to ensure the worst possible case has been considered.

New Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) features such as raingardens, permeable paving, a basin, and below ground stores are included to effectively attenuate water and discharge it very slowly into the existing drainage ditch to the southeast of the site.

The basin will not typically have water in it, it’s designed to only be needed after large storm events when the water has built up.

Foul water will be discharged into the public foul sewer in Chiddingly Road.

More detail is available in the Drainage Strategy submitted as part of our planning application.