We’ve since had further dialogue with the Housing Development Officer at Wealden District Council who confirmed 50% of applicants on the Housing Register are in need of one-bed accommodation. Accordingly, we’ve increased the number of one-bed homes within the development. One- and two-bed homes account for half the homes available.

We’ve allocated 8 homes (36% of the total number which slightly exceeds the Local Plan Policy) as ‘affordable’. These will be offered as shared ownership and affordable rent.

It is worth noting that Custom and Self-Build provides a small degree of ‘affordability’ over the equivalent traditionally built home. With the buyer taking on more responsibility, lower Stamp Duty Land Tax (as it’s only due on the price of the land), CIL exemption, and the ability to complete homes in stages over time, the same house on the same site can cost a lot less than the usual market price.