The Framlingham Neighbourhood Plan states the minimum indicative housing requirement (established in the Site Allocations and Area Specific Policies Local Plan), up to 2027, has already been met. However, the Plan period extends beyond this date, until 2031. As the Plan reiterates, it is also important to understand that these figures represent a minimum of what must be planned for.

As such, there is further need for new homes in Framlingham and there is still benefit in bringing forward sites, such as this one, which the Plan identifies for longer-term growth.

Additionally, we have commissioned research looking specifically at the local demand for Custom and Self-Build homes. Using information from East Suffolk Council’s register of interest in Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding, Buildstore and NaCSBA research, and discussion with local estate agents who are regularly receiving Custom and Self-Build plot enquiries, we can evidence a strong demand for this type of home in Framlingham. Furthermore, our research shows that the demand in East Suffolk is relatively high when compared to other authorities across England. This Custom and Self-Build needs assessment was submitted as part of our planning application.