The site regularly floods. How will you manage water run-off and prevent flooding?

We know the site has some areas of surface water flooding, particularly along the southern boundary in the existing ditch. We appointed local civil engineer Canham Consulting to undertake a detailed flood risk assessment and prepare an initial drainage design. The proposed strategy will improve drainage, and protect against flooding even in rare 1-in-100-year [...]

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There is already a play space on Bibbys Way, there’s no need for another one

The provision of new children’s play areas is required to support residential development and to comply with the requirements of Suffolk Coastal Core Strategy policies SP16 and DM32. The Framlingham Neighbourhood Plan evidences a shortage of three Local Equipped Areas for Play (LEAPs) and one Neighbourhood Equipped Area for Play (NEAP). Further planned population [...]

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Building heights are described as ‘generally two-storey’. Are there any buildings to be greater than two storeys?

No buildings are higher than two stories plus a pitched roof. We used the description ‘generally two-storey’ to account for those with the potential for additional rooms in the roof space (creating a third occupiable floor) where this does not increase the ridge height. We accept this description is confusing and have changed it [...]

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Who exactly is going to provide and maintain the play area, landscaping, drainage, and local roads?

Before any plots are sold the roads and utilities are installed by the developer — this includes our proposed improvements to Victoria Mill Road. The developer also takes responsibility for delivering the communal landscaping and play area. A Management Company will be set up to look after the communal roads and paths, courtyards, landscaping [...]

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With Custom and Self-Build, is there a time limit on building or could we have lorries going up and down for years?

Self-Build plots are carefully chosen so that their location, and the timing of their construction, doesn’t create excessive site traffic or site Health and Safety risks. Clauses within each plot sale contract will require that Self-Build plot purchasers complete their homes within a defined time limit (typically three years). If a building completion certificate [...]

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I don’t understand enough about Custom and Self-Build to make an informed judgement about your proposal

Custom and Self-Build is not a new idea. In the 18th century, Bath’s iconic Royal Crescent was custom-built; one architect designed the frontage, whilst each plot owner commissioned their own architect to design a bespoke home behind. Custom and Self-Build is being strongly promoted by Government. However, the UK is well behind other European [...]

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Connection to the existing footpath and cycleway along Clarke Drive and Bibbys Way is not needed or appropriate

During the public consultation, we showed connections to the recently built footpath and cycleway along the eastern boundary of our site because we wanted to stitch into the existing network and make it easier for neighbours to access the play area and open spaces on our site and beyond. For planning, we have removed [...]

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You must provide foot and cycle paths if you are truly committed to protecting our environment and the safety of all

We will provide safe pedestrian and cycle routes as part of the development which connect with the existing network. Our proposal for improving Victoria Mill Road includes widening the existing footway to 1.8m where possible (from about 1.2m). New tactile paving and safer pedestrian crossing points will be created. There is currently no footway [...]

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