We will provide safe pedestrian and cycle routes as part of the development which connect with the existing network.

Our proposal for improving Victoria Mill Road includes widening the existing footway to 1.8m where possible (from about 1.2m). New tactile paving and safer pedestrian crossing points will be created.

There is currently no footway on the southern side of Victoria Mill Road so we are creating a new one, tucked safely behind the existing hedgerow. This also avoids having to excessively cut back or remove the hedge.

As part of our submission we have prepared a Travel Plan. The main objective of the Travel Plan is to reduce reliance on private cars, in particular the number of residents and visitors travelling individually in their vehicles to our site. A Travel Plan Coordinator will be appointed at least six months before the first people move in. Their job will be to make new homeowners aware of travel alternatives available to them and to promote local greener travel initiatives and the benefits of such modes of travel. For example, this will include promoting Suffolk’s car share scheme operated by Liftshare, providing up-to-date bus timetables and route maps, and highlighting nearby National Cycle Route 1 and Regional Route 40. The effectiveness of the Travel Plan and its initiatives will be monitored by an annual travel survey and reviewed at an annual review meeting.

More detail is available in the Travel Plan submitted as part of our planning application.